Taste Test: Yoplait’s Dunkin’-Inspired Yogurts

Craving a donut, but trying to watch your figure?

Yoplait has a new line of yogurts inspired by a few of Dunkin's best-selling pastries. We try them in this week's Taste Test.


  • Elàine Sporko

    Tried the Yoplait Boston cream and found it very tasty though too sweet. Not tart at all Wonder if you had volunteers taste it immediately after Apple Fritter without cleansing their palate with crackers or a drink of water. If so, you may have had what I call the orange juice effect ; ie., if you eat something sweet after drinking orange juice it tastes terrible. If so, you may have a unfairly malligned the taste of this product. Also you repeatedly noted that it had more grams of sugar than the actual donut, but did not mention the donut has twice the calories.

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