Seeking Solution to Flooding Problems in Susquehanna County

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GREAT BEND TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Folks in part of Susquehanna County are searching for a solution to chronic flooding.

First, flash floods hit back in August. Then last week, the creek near their homes overflowed again.

There are still orange and yellow caution markers left over from flooding last week on New York Avenue near Hallstead.

Cindy Gaughan posted photos to Facebook when the nearby Dubois Creek overflowed and sent the water down her road and through her property.

"It was a huge surprise," Gaughan said. "It actually flooded before we knew it."

Gaughan's home was spared back in August of last year when flash flooding caused widespread damage along the banks of Dubois Creek. She and her neighbors want to find a solution.

"I know people care, but I also know nothing gets done, so it's like how many times does this have to happen before there's a solution?"

So far, Great Bend Township officials say there's no money for a fix, and county emergency officials expect any federal disaster money to focus on buyouts, not necessarily something like dredging the creek.

The situation is frustrating for Gaughan's daughter who lives next door.

"The creek was rerouted in August. Now, it diverts through our yard into the road. Now, we have a brook every time it rains a little bit," said Elizabeth Guerrero.

After that devastating flash flood back in August ripped through a walking park between Hallstead and Great Bend, organizers of Billy Evans Memorial Park had some new picnic tables donated, but now they're worried about the next time it floods.

Gaughan and her family want to stay and also find some solution to a flooding problem that's becoming more and more common.

"You really do feel trapped, but trapped where you want to be," Gaughan added.

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