Police Warn People Not to Leave Vehicles Running Unattended

LANSFORD, Pa. -- Ken Sabol from Lansford says he often runs outside to turn his car on and warm it up on cold days. It's a key start, so when he goes back into his house, the doors are unlocked.

But his decision to do this changed after he found out two vehicles left running were stolen in the borough.

"I was unaware that people were stealing cars. I just came out to warm it up about two minutes ago. I guess I won't do that anymore," said Sabol.

The Lansford police chief says within the last three days, two cars were stolen on separate occasions. Both vehicles were tracked down and arrests were made.

On one occasion, police say Lewis Searfoss from Lansford swiped a Jeep from aTurkey Hill parking lot in the borough, took off, and ended up crashing it in Jim Thorpe.

Diane Becker says her daughter was at the convenience store when it happened.

"If you don't have an automatic start and it keeps your car locked, you're nuts just to do that in this day and age. Personally, that's what I think," said Becker.

People here think it's a shame that you can't even leave your car outside to warm up and say they will think twice before leaving it unattended.

Gene Pirone says he has an automatic car starter and his car locks behind him, but he's going to keep an extra eye out just in case.

"It does concern me, so now I am going to be a little more careful about leaving any doors open," said Pirone.

The Lansford police chief says, "for those who don't want an automatic start, sit in your car while it's heating up so it doesn't go off with the wrong person in it."

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