Game Commission Makes First Move to Change Deer Season

NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- For decades, rifle deer hunting season has started the Monday after Thanksgiving, but now, it's one step closer to starting two days earlier.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission tentatively approved the change at a meeting Tuesday morning. Commissioners believe opening the season on a Saturday better fits the schedules of young hunters who work or go to school.

"I'd like to see it start on Saturday. It gives me an extra day to hunt," said Richard Seidel of Danville.

"I think it would certainly help the younger generation get interested," Steven Shepperson said.

"The kids will get an extra day to hunt. Saturday will be an extra day. Monday would be a day off school, but maybe they'll cancel that because of Saturday being the first day," said Charlie Tobias.

Richard Seidel thinks it will be nice for the hunters who cannot take off work.

"Certain jobs they have to work Mondays, so Saturdays would give them, then, a chance to get out there the first day. That's important because once the deer get spooked, it's a little harder to get one."

Even though most of the people we spoke with agree with switching opening day to Saturday, they do see both sides.

"I mean it's always been the tradition, the Monday after Thanksgiving. Most schools give off at least the first day," Shepperson said.

"It was OK the way it was, but like I said, with that extra day, that does make it nice," Tobias added.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission will make its final vote in April.

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