UGI Seeks Rate Hike

UGI Utilities is looking to increase rates for all its customers.

The natural gas company filed a request with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to increase its rates for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

If approved, residential customers would see an 8.5% hike that works out to about $7 more a month for the average home.

Commercial customers would see an increase of 17.4% while industrial rates would go up by 18%.

The company says those increases include the cost of distribution as well as the price of the gas itself.

UGI says the rate hike is needed for system improvements.


  • DC Ump

    Maybe they could get their rate increase when the general public get their increase in cost of living by increasing their rate hike to keep up with the utilities and other every day living expenses? The way the gas producers are ripping off the public sector with the drilling rights of the land owners perhaps they should get a rate hike also at least get the money the gas corporations promised them!

  • hollymolley

    As with any price increase or tax or levy, call it what you want, but in the end, it will all fall on the lowest step on the ladder and the least able to pay, and there is no end to the increases, year after year, increases and additions. So we have gambling and a ball field and lottery, now government approval of recreational drugs and we’re told will generate lower taxes, but it appears that in the end our taxes just increase. It has to end, and it won’t be fun when the whole thing comes down, and of course, we all know who will suffer the most…..

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