Sleeping Bag Project at Keystone College Brings Warmth to Needy

KEYSTONE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Students at Keystone College spent the day learning to sew and making sleeping bags to donate to those in need.

With snow in the forecast and even colder temperatures on the way, the sleeping bag project sponsored by Keystone College's diversity services program is even more timely.

"This week, very cold, and seriously, when we give out the sleeping bags, you cannot believe the smiles on people's faces. They think they've just been given the most amazing gift in the world. It will keep them safe. It will keep them warm. It will keep them dry," said Keystone's Maria Fanning.

Students and volunteers at Keystone College gathered in the Hibbard Campus Center to make nearly 20 sleeping bags from recycled fabrics. The project was supposed to happen last week but got postponed.

"I thought, 'I would love to get involved with this, help out the homeless.' Then last week all classes were canceled, it was cold. That gave me more encouragement to do this, help out," said sophomore Gavin Rivera.

Some of the students who showed up to volunteer are learning to sew for the first time.

"I've never sewed before. I've lost a button on my jacket before and tried sewing it on and messed it up."

Organizers say students are learning more than just how to sew but about the importance of doing good in the community.

"They have always encouraged our students to be part of our community and do things for the community, so it actually says a lot about Keystone College as a whole. I love Keystone. They just do a really good job in getting students to get out of their shell and get out there and be involved in the lives of other people besides themselves," said volunteer Amy May.

The sleeping bags made at Keystone College will be donated to homeless shelters, including the Community Intervention Center in Scranton.

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