Singing, Strumming, And Teaching Courage and Kindness

KINGSTON, Pa. -- Some school kids in Luzerne County got way more than a music lesson Monday morning.

Tony Memmel of Nashville is more than a singer, songwriter, and performer. He is a teacher and as he played for the students at Good Shepherd Academy in Kingston, his lesson was a serious one.

"I believe that people are created with a unique purpose and no matter what your gift, your talent or ability, I'm just encouraging students to live into those things with all their hearts and courage and hope and to keep going when things get difficult," said Tony Memmel.

Memmel was born without a left forearm and hand.

He taught himself to play guitar, making himself a homemade cast.

He made it his life work to teach others about overcoming challenges and accepting others.

"I do have a brother who has a missing hand and him just being here and just doing this, showing everybody that you can do whatever you want, even with a limb disability, it's just so nice to see that," said Doron Glynn of Kingston.

The Glynn family of Kingston helped organize this special visit.

"Everybody as a difference, we all have something that's different, whether it's visible or not and I think tony's message is so important because it tells everybody and it reminds everybody that we're al a little different and we all need to be kind to people," said Laura Glynn of Kingston.

Tony Memmel performs around the world.

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