‘They Just Disappeared’ – Dogs Disappear Down Dry Well

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FORTY FORT, Pa. -- Dawn Miklich said they just disappeared.

She let her two dogs, Mellie and Malarky out into her Forty Fort yard Thursday night, a yard that happens to be fenced-in, but the two did not return.

"I knew they didn't get any gates, but yeah, no sound, I didn't hear anything," said Miklich.

Miklich walked around the yard, confused until she spotted it: a deep hole on the side of her property.

She said that hole was a dry well she did not know existed that had collapsed and 12 feet down in the dark, freezing, muddy hole were her dogs, trapped.

Miklich called 911.

"It just seemed silly to call, my dogs disappeared into a hole, but it happens, so," she said.

Rescue crews from Kingston, Plains and beyond responded and after about 45 minutes, those muddy, freezing dogs were pulled to safety.

They were checked out and were thankfully ok.

"They got them warmed up, got them cleaned up and they both slept all night long because of too much excitement for them! They're both senior dogs so it was a bit much!"

The hole is now covered in plywood and should be filled in when the weather warms up.

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