Rain, Melting Snow Cause Icy Mess

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MUNCY CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. Heavy rain and melting snow caused flooding in parts of central Pennsylvania on Thursday.

PennDOT closed several miles of Route 220 in Sullivan and Lycoming Counties.

Emergency personnel have been keeping a close eye on creeks and streams for much of the day to see if there's any danger of flooding.

The ice on roadways and driveways is starting to melt.

A woman from Armstrong Township shared video on social media after finding the ice patch on her driveway was gone, along with her SUV.

"It moved down the driveway all by itself. I didn't put it there."

Others also woke up to icy roads.

"It was nothing but ice. I think I come down the road in less than creeper gear," said Barbara Rhoat.

This time of the year, workers at the Lycoming County Emergency Management Agency are also on the lookout for large chunks of ice which can dam up water ways, potentially causing flooding.

PennDOT closed several miles of Route 220 in Sullivan and Lycoming Counties because ponding water made them impassable.

As the day went on, heavy rain and melting snow began flooding roads including one near Benton in Columbia County

Karen Parsons owns Fishing Creek Lodge near the west branch of Fishing Creek.

"The water has no place to go. If it finds its way to the creek, that would probably be a good thing," Parson said.

As officials are keeping an eye on rising streams and creeks,

Parsons says she'd like to see the state take steps to prevent flooding.

"They are full of debris. They are full of trees and other things that are in the creek that are not supposed to be in there, so they just need to clean out the creeks," Parson said.

According to emergency personnel in Lycoming County, Chippewa Road near Muncy Creek is in danger of flooding, but at this point, they are just monitoring the creek as it rises.

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