Ice Jams Cause Flooding along Creek in Luzerne County

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AVOCA, Pa. -- Ice chunks moving along a creek in Luzerne County have piled up Thursday morning, causing a jam.

Ice jammed up on Mill Creek in Avoca, near York Avenue.

Water flooded from the creek into the parking lot of a bar. People who live above the bar tell us that water has also already gone into the basement.

Avoca street crews used an excavator to clear the jam.

Water flooded over the banks of the creek into the parking lot and basement of this Litzy's Lounge.

Jackie Brown lives above the bar.

"We've been watching it all week. We've been keeping an eye on it and checking it. We saw the ice building up. We started getting nervous," Browns said. "This morning, it came over like we expected it to and we had water gushing into the basement and it's the same thing as last year."

Almost a year ago to the day, crews had to break up another ice jam that flooded Litzy's Lounge.

Brown tells us last year, water got into the first floor of the bar.

Crews were able to break up this year's ice jam.

The flooding did not get as bad as it did last year, but still, Brown is upset.

"It's frustrating. It's frustrating because we knew it was going to happen. It happened last year, and it doesn't seem like anything's been done to try to prevent it from happening again."

Crews said that the flooding did cause a furnace fire in the basement of the bar that was put out. They will continue to monitor the creek to make sure another jam does not form.

A similar situation occurred in the same area last year.

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