Governor Sets Date for Special Election to Fill Rep. Marino’s Seat

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Governor Tom Wolf has announced the date of a special election to fill the Congressional seat of U.S. Representative Tom Marino who resigned earlier this month.

The governor, citing concerns from county election officials, set the date for the election on May 21, 2019, to coincide with the state's Primary Election Day.

Rep. Marino announced his resignation on January 17 to take a position in the private sector, after being elected to his fifth term last November.

His resignation took effect on Wednesday.

Marino represented the newly drawn 12th District which stretches from the northern tier of Pennsylvania to Harrisburg.


  • Peter Andrew

    Mr. Wolf could have appointed a republican to fill out the term. I feel certain he hopes to cement Democrat control over Pennsylvania and more power for him. It will be easy to use special interests to carry it off.

  • Albert Ambrosia

    Let us bill and collect from Marino, he has well over 100K in leftover campaign $$$ and anything extra he must pay out of his pocket and pension.

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