Cross-Country Cyclist Hit with Slab of Ice

WEISSPORT, Pa. -- A cyclist was injured when he was hit by a piece of ice Wednesday in Carbon County.

That cyclist is on a cross-country trip from Oregon to New York. Brett Bundy started doing this in 2006 to raise awareness for breast cancer after his friend passed away from the disease. Now, his trip is on hold after a piece of ice sent him crashing into the side of the road.

As dense fog loomed over Carbon County, Brent Bundy pedaled his bike through the wet streets of Weissport. But instead of continuing his cross-country trek from Oregon to New York, Bundy was headed to physical therapy.

"I don't even know what car it was because it happened so fast. The next thing I know, I'm laying down on the side of the street," Bundy recalled.

This is the sixth time Bundy has pedaled coast to coast to raise awareness for breast cancer.

While traveling north along Route 209 in Nesquehoning from Hazleton, the 50-year-old cyclist was hit with a thick slab of ice that came off a passing car.

"If it was any bigger, it would've killed me," Bundy said. "It wasn't pleasant, and it knocked me off my bike enough to crash into the shoulder. The thing is, it's so cold, the shoulder wasn't soft. It wasn't like a soft landing. That probably hurt worse than the ice."

Bundy was then taken to a local hospital. He didn't suffer any structural damage to his shoulder but admits he's very sore. The owner of the Canal Side Guesthouse heard about the crash and gave Bundy a place to stay.

"I've cross-countried three times myself, so I've been out there. I know what happens when you're away from home, you're on a bike, all you have is what's with you and you don't know anybody in the area. It's something a cyclist would do to help another cyclist. That's what it was all about for me," said owner Rod Mann.

Bundy started his journey in June but stopped in Harrisburg for nearly three months because he wanted to meet Governor Tom Wolf, but was unsuccessful. He expects to rest up in Carbon County for about a week, before continuing on to New York.

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