A Running Battle Against Runoff

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MOUNT POCONO, Pa. The warmer temperatures and rain made for quite a mess in the Mount Pocono area.

Borough crews in Mount Pocono say when we get a quick thaw with rain like we did on Thursday, it's very important to clear the storm drains.

With colder temperatures on the way, they also need to make sure all this water doesn't freeze over.

Mount Pocono borough crews were out early clearing storm drains that were flooded by melted snow.

We found one road crew on Center Avenue where the water was moving fast.

"This is really important because water runs downhill, obviously, and these people's yards over here are getting flooded and we try to prevent it as best we can," said road crew member Greg Seese.

Shirley Lansdowne was outside trying to divert the water and keep it from coming into her house. She says earlier, her front yard looked more like a lake.

"Snow melts but the road is not taking the rain and water in the proper manners. It's running across the road and we are getting all the water from (Route) 940, Church Street, coming down Park Avenue, diverted on to Center and it hits high spots, comes over to us and we are flooded out," Lansdowne said.

Borough workers say not only do they have to jump right on this when the snow melts and it causes flooding, but they also have to worry about when the temperatures drop again.

"It's going to freeze up and it will freeze up whether we are here, or not so people need to be careful," said Seese.

Seese says quick thaws don't make his job harder, it's knowing where the problems are that can be a challenge.

"You never know where it will happen, and you just have to prepare. That's what we do."

Borough workers in Mount Pocono say if you see a problem with a storm drain near your home, you should report it.

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