Vandals Strike Kingston Restaurant for Third Time

KINGSTON, Pa. -- Vandals struck KJ's Pickle Barrel restaurant in Kingston overnight Wednesday; the third time in less than a week.

The first incident occurred last Thursday night around 6:30 p.m. when a patron was still inside the restaurant. An object was shot at the window, leaving damage that KJ's covered. Later in the evening, neighboring business Cee-Kay Auto Parts had their front window shattered.  They also inflicted more damage on KJ's Pickle Barrel.

KJ's declined to talk with Newswatch 16, but Cee-Kay manager Sandy Tippett said that more damage occurred overnight.

"It just seems strange that the same building gets hit several times – this is the third time they’ve come through and shot at the window,” said Tippett. ”We have to replace our window, and they have several bullet holes next door, so their probably going to have to replace them at some point, because now they are starting to crack out.”

More damage was visible from the street. Long cracks stretched across the front windows of the restaurant.

Adam Urda delivers soda to KJ's Pickle Barrel. He said it's sad to see this happening to a business on his route.

"It’s honestly a hurtful thing because the windows aren’t cheap I mean it’s a great business, their great people.”

Kingston Police told Newswatch 16 that they are actively pursuing the case, and are following multiple leads. But Tippett is concerned that these incidents could negatively impact their business.

”People may become afraid to come down and shop here because of the ongoing troubles," said Tippet. "I don’t know who’s doing what, but somebodies got it in for somebody it looks like.”

If you have any information regarding these incidents, please contact Kingston Police.


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