Nonprofits Supporting Federal Workers during Shutdown

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa -- As the federal shutdown continues, the need for assistance grows.

President of the Lycoming County United Way Ron Frick carried a box filled with coats into the American Rescue Workers building in Williamsport on Wednesday.

"The longer the government is shut down, the tougher it's getting for some folks in the community," Frick said.

The two nonprofits have teamed up with a few other organizations to help provide support for hundreds of federal workers who are affected by the government shutdown.

"Just got a call this morning from Family Promise, who we support with a rent-match program. The number of calls that they are getting from people who need assistance, who are going to need to make that February payment is getting critical," said Frick.

"If this continues to go on, this crisis is going to get worse," said Cleveland Way.

At American Rescue Workers, Way says the nonprofit has been providing food, rent, and utility support, but resources are dwindling.

"Unfortunately, with the growing number of individuals that are in need, it's just not enough fruit that's in the basket," Way said.

But people should reach out for support.

"The easiest way to that assistance is to text 'FEDSD' (for federal shutdown) to 898211," Frick said.

"Everyone is welcome to come in and talk with us to see what we can do to help," Way added.

The United Way and American Rescue Workers are accepting donations to help support federal workers during the government shutdown.

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