Food Bank Providing Food to Federal Workers in Luzerne County

JENKINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A food bank in Luzerne County will be providing food for families affected by the government shutdown.

The partial government shutdown has been going on for about a month now.

"Oh, I don't like seeing anybody out of luck and especially now that they're not getting any money for it," White Haven Food Pantry volunteer Daniel Hergert said.

It didn't take long for the people who run the Weinberg Regional Food Bank to realize as the shutdown drags on, they had to do something.

"It doesn't matter what position you have," food bank director Rich Kutz said. "For a lot of people out there to go without two paychecks, especially families with children, it's important that someone is there to help provide support, and that's what we're here for."

The men who run the White Haven Food Bank look forward to serving our federal workers going through a tough time.

"We're hoping we do," Hergert said. "If there is anybody in the area that's a federal worker, they're more than welcome to come up there, and we'll gladly give them the food they need."

For a list of food pantries that are participating in this program or to donate to the food bank, click here.


  • jsrant

    Maybe the federal workers should complain to the Democrats and start to negotiate with the president. Then you’ll get back to work. How about the politicians give up their pay for you. I doubt it. Who’s going to setup a food bank for me when I loose my job? Most likely no one. Go get a second job like I would do.

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