Ralston Residents Without Water

MCINTYRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- There are hundreds of people without water in Lycoming County.

The Ralston Area Joint Authority believes a water main break may be to blame.

Pam McCartey and her daughter Megan carried gallons of water into their home in the village of Ralston in McIntyre Township.

"We bought 10 cases of water plus 10 gallons of water. It's going to be days, so we have to be prepared," McCartey said.

A water pump malfunctioned on Monday, leaving residents in the Ralston area with low water pressure.

With some water trickling into their sinks, people were forced to boil it as a precaution.

"It's hard," McCartey said. "You have to boil your water for everything, you know, as simple as brushing your teeth. You need a bottle of water to brush your teeth."

The manager of the Ralston Area Joint Authority John Orr was able to fix the water pump but found a second problem Tuesday morning. Orr believes there's a water main break somewhere in South Ralston.

"Need to find it," said Orr. "We have an idea of where it's at, but we need the excavator to get here to do the digging. He's having trouble getting his equipment started."

Right now, all 113 customers are without water.

Lycoming County Emergency Management dropped off a water tank at the Ralston fire hall. Anyone who needs water is welcome to stop by and fill up.

Some people tell us they've started to collect snow from outside. They're melting it down and using it for toilet water.

Orr says he is hoping to isolate the water leak and get service back to at least part of Ralston soon.

Officials are unsure when services will be fully restored.

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