Owner of Wolf Hybrid Found Not Guilty After Animal Attacks Child

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- The owner of an animal that attacked a two-year-old child in Wilkes-Barre has been found not guilty.

On Tuesday, a district justice ruled David Cannon of Plains was not guilty of having exotic wildlife without a permit or failing to protect the public from exotic wildlife.

In October, the Pennsylvania Game Commission seized two wolf hybrids from Cannon.

Authorities claimed it was one of those animals that attacked the little boy at Hollenback dog park in May.


    • SymphonyX44

      From a more trustworthy news source:

      Watt then called Game Warden Gerald Kapral to testify about his involvement in a 2012 case involving the same dogs.

      In that case, three of Cannon’s mixed-breed huskies killed a chihuahua at Hollenback Park and bit the dog’s owner when she tried to intervene. Cannon was cited for allegedly permitting an animal to injure a human, but was found not guilty at a summary trial.

      Testifying for the defense Tuesday, Kapral said that although he collected hair samples from the animals for DNA testing after that incident, he closed out the case after advising Cannon he did not need a permit for them.

      During closing arguments, Watt alleged the Game Commission was “overstepping the bounds” by alleging the same dogs Cannon was previously told were legal are now prohibited. He also noted that the prosecution had put on no evidence to establish that anyone had been attacked.

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