TSA Job Fair Draws Hundreds Despite Shutdown

MINNEAPOLIS, Mn. — The government shutdown isn’t keeping people from wanting to work for the TSA.

A job fair in Minnesota drew more than 300 applicants over the weekend.

Some job seekers are concerned about getting a paycheck. TSA workers are now not getting paid during the shutdown.

“That’s exactly why this isn’t a for sure thing. It’s a let me find some more information about it, see how it sounds, see how I feel, before confirming just because no one knows, said Brittany Luck, a job seeker. “There’s no answers for anything, there’s no timeline, it’s insane to me.”

Minnesota’s TSA Deputy Federal Security Director¬†David McMahon said, “We¬†are telling them this government shutdown will end eventually. I don’t control that. But by the time frame they go through the entire process to get hired, it’s going to be no less than 45 days.”

The government shutdown is the longest ever at 31 days and counting.


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