‘More Than a Meal’ – Volunteers Feeding Needy on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

WILLIAMSPORT,  Pa. -- Hundreds spent their day off school or work packing bags of food for families in need in Lycoming County.

At Lycoming College, volunteers packed hundreds of bags of food to make sure families in the Williamsport area will have a warm meal on their table.

"It's not a problem taking a few hours out of my day, on a day I don't really have class, and come out and help those in need," said Tom Wentz.

It's called "More Than a Meal." The packing event made possible by STEP Americorps and several other nonprofits will help feed hundreds of families in need in the Williamsport area.

The day of service is part of the larger Dream Week where several organizations work together to honor Martin Luther King Jr. through education and community service.

"It warms the heart on a 2-degree day."

Wentz and his fraternity brothers from Penn College spent part of their day off filling bags.

Along with the food, inside each bag is a recipe for chili mac and cheese. The food bank also provided free samples of it so volunteers could try it for themselves.

"Probably green beans, me and my sister really love green beans," said Alyvia Knittle. "We eat them straight out of the can. Sometimes we eat them for breakfast. We don't even cook them."

Alyvia Knittle, age 10, found herself packing canned goods like green beans in each of the bags. She tagged along with her older sister to the event.

In all, the volunteers packed about 1,000 bags of food, hundreds of apples, and about 500 backpacks.

"Some kids in our school that don't have stuff like me and I'm really grateful for it and I'm glad that they are getting stuff," Knittle said.

This event was also made possible thanks to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and the beloved community council in Williamsport.

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