Cold Doesn’t Stop Folks from Heading Outside

SUNBURY, Pa. -- With temperatures in the single digits in most parts of our area, it was hard for many of us to spend more than a few minutes outside, especially when it came to clearing off a car, like Karen Walker of Sunbury.

All of the weekend snow froze, making this difficult. Luckily, Walker has nice neighbors.

"Once I get home, I'm going to park down there where it's nice and cleaned off," Walker said.

Even for the people who shoveled over the weekend, like D'arcy Sampsell, anything left behind turned to ice, so now she chopped.

"I salted it pretty good so the chemicals in the salt are helping to loosen it up, break it up so we can get it off," Sampsell said.

Not everyone was bothered by the cold weather. Some kids took advantage of a day off from school and went sledding.

One good thing about the weather – it's finally cold enough to ice skate at the Lewisburg ice rink.

"We were a little nervous yesterday because the weight of the snow pushed the ice down and it was all slush, but the cold temperatures last night really helped," said Tony Stafford, Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority.

When it's this cold, conditions are perfect for the Lewisburg ice rink. It was opening day with free admission and free skate rentals.

"We're supposed to have a few warmer days coming up here, but after that, the weather is looking like 10 days of below freezing at night and during the day," Stafford said.

The Lewisburg ice rink is open Thursday through Sunday, weather permitting.

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