Talkback 16: Weekend Snowstorm

Talkback 16 includes observations about our newscasts, reporters and fellow Talkbackers. First, some comments about the weekend snowstorm.


  • dpwnepotism

    I have lived in Westside all my life and one thing I would like to know is…. why is the only Alley way in the city that is plowed and salted belong to the DPW Union President? I’m talking EVERY storm, EVERY accumulation and first thing too! Talk about nepotism at it’s best. “Good ‘ol boys” will be boys I guess. Not a question if it is indeed a DPW truck and not a private contractor either, I’ve seen it with my own eyes so many times it infuriates me! Now I’m sure there are some other “Good ‘ol boys” that get the same treatment too, but this one is the worst. Someone from WNEP should sit at the end of the alley sometime and report on it. For the rest of the city who needs Alley Access to their home, Get your shovels and snowblowers out people before it turns to Ice!

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