UPDATE: Memorial to Scranton Crash Victim Missing

UPDATE: After our story aired, the missing memorial was returned to the family.

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The family of a man from Scranton who was killed in a crash last month say they were surprised to find the roadside memorial to their son went missing.

Casey Williams, 21, of Scranton, was killed on North Keyser Avenue just a few days before Christmas.

His family says, since then, they and his friends have found some peace when they visit a small roadside memorial near the scene.

But when his parents visited Thursday morning, the memorial was missing.

On December 21, Chantal Williams' worst nightmare came true. Her 21-year-old son Casey died in a crash just a few blocks away from their family home on North Keyser Avenue.

Chantal has visited the crash scene almost every day since then for a few moments of peace in front of a memorial that Casey's family and friends made.

"That's something that we do every day. We go up by it, stop, sit for a few minutes, and then we come home. That's like the only thing we have," Chantal Williams said.

Chantal and her husband Donald made their daily pilgrimage Thursday morning.

"Today we went up, and it was gone, everything was gone."

There's some wax left behind from the memorial's candles, but every other piece is gone, including a metal cross.

Neighbors say they saw a yellow truck pick it up in the morning, so Chantal called PennDOT, but officials there say it's on private property so they wouldn't touch the memorial.

Scranton's DPW and PPL officials also say their crews didn't take it.

"We're just baffled where it went. If it was just somebody picking it up and taking it, (we) would like to have it back because that is close to where my son passed away," Chantal said.

"I don't know why anybody would want to take it," said Donald Williams. "There's not a lot of monetary value to it, but there's a lot of sentimental value to it."

The Williamses say there may be a legitimate reason why the memorial was moved; they just want to know and would like it back.

"We're still dealing with the loss of Casey, and now, this makes it even worse."

Friends of Casey Williams have offered to buy supplies to make a new memorial. If they don't get any answers, the family says they'll put up a new one just maybe in a different spot.

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