‘Welcome to Sunbury’ Sign Not Welcome

SUNBURY, Pa. -- When you cross into Sunbury from the Selinsgrove or Lewisburg areas, a "Welcome to Sunbury" sign greets you. It has for the past 10 years. But soon it will be taken down. PennDOT says the sign violates the federal law related to signs along federally funded state routes.

"They said that it's within their right-of-ways and that they're being stricter with their municipalities regarding removing the signs from the right-of-ways," Sunbury Mayor Kurt Karlovich said.

Karlovich got a letter from PennDOT telling him the city must remove the sign because signs in the right of way can be hazardous to drivers.

"They said that there is no gray area, no wiggle room, and the sign must be removed from that area," Karlovich said.

The Welcome to Sunbury sign isn't the only one that needs to be taken down. According to the mayor, four more signs will need to be taken down.

"It's more crime watch signs, permits required signs, smaller signs," Karlovich said.

According to PennDOT, the signs were identified following a survey of the route by PennDOT staff.

"I think after 10 years they probably should have known way before now they needed to take the sign down," Tina Boyer said.

In recent years, something similar happened in nearby Trevorton, where Glenda Whary lives.

"It's a sign. It's not blocking anything. They could find something else to be more concerned about than a little sign that welcomes you to your community," Whary said.

Sunbury officials have 30 days to remove the signs. Mayor Karlovich says he hopes to put the "Welcome to Sunbury" sign in a different spot.


  • David Fisher

    Why is there always so much waste in government? Who ever spent the money for these signs without first checking laws shouldn’t be in government.

  • catman5308@yahoo.com

    guess penn dot has nothing better to do??? certainly not maintaining roads or plowing them properly….

  • Granny4

    Construction signs left up in “completed” work zone area, stating certain lanes and speed restriction ahead are more hazardous than a welcome sign! Maybe Penn Dot employees riding around should take notice to this hazard also!

  • jimbrony

    But it’s OK for PennDOT to put their electronic billboards soliciting for CDL drivers at the bottom of off ramps? Just asking…

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