Stevens Says: Sometimes the Good Comes Out When Least Expected

A chance encounter showed me that all is not lost when it comes to courtesy, concern and caring.

I was kneeling next to the sidewall of a bridge spanning a creek running through Keystone College in Factoryville. I was trying to capture the rushing water below me, trying to capture it and pass it on to whoever wanted a look. This takes work for me and a lot of concentration which blanks out most of the surrounding world.

I vaguely heard the car coming along, one of those back of the mind occurrences but as quickly ignored it; the creek below demanded attention. The car passed, slowed and then stopped. I looked up as it backed toward me. The passenger window came down, the driver smiled and asked if everything was okay. “Are you sick?” he asked. I said no, smiled back and showed him my camera. He smiled again, I thanked him for his concern and he moved on. It was later on that I thought how significant the whole event was to me and how it said in no uncertain terms that there is a bit of hope for us after all.

We live in a seemingly uncaring world where concern and compassion can be as difficult to find as the quarter that dropped between the seats of your couch. But the gentleman who stopped and asked how I was is proof it remains. Not in waves, perhaps, but at least in drops and that is better than nothing. I’ll see you down the road.

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