No Snow, Slow Sales for Snowmobiles

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TEXAS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- No snow means slower sales than usual for snowmobile dealers.

It is usually a rite of passage in northeastern and central Pennsylvania this time of year -- snowmobiles on the go and snow on the ground, but this year, not so much.

Mike Watson at Baer Sport Center near Honesdale is a big fan of winter and enough snow to drive sales of Polaris sleds.

Watson has noticed, however, less business as a result of less snow than usual.

"A little off, a little slower, but still diehard guys out there who have to get their sleds running because they know the snow's coming," Watson said.

It was a pretty rainy summer, so any hopes for a snowy winter have been dashed so far, but there is snow in the forecast for this weekend and for snowmobile dealers, that could change everything.

"It picks up pretty hectic, pretty quick – parts, service, new sleds," said Watson.

A short distance away on Route 6, NEPA Power Sports has leftover Arctic Cats from recent years, all because the winters have not seen enough snow, at least, not until late in the season.

This season, Ralph Griffiths knows some riders have hauled their snowmobiles north for enough snow to go. Around here, Griffiths knows winter is still bound to bring snow.

"Winter's due to run into March, so we do have some life left," Griffiths said.

This weekend's weather could end up helping dealers sell more snowmobiles and the hope is that Mother Nature cooperates from here on out.

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