Food Bank Providing Help during Government Shutdown

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WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Families affected by the federal shutdown are getting support from a local nonprofit.

The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank will be distributing food to federal workers. The distribution started Tuesday afternoon.

Thousands of federal workers who aren't being paid because of the shutdown live in central Pennsylvania. The food bank has prepared hundreds of boxes, but employees aren't sure how many people will take advantage of the support.

"We have packed over 350 of our food boxes right now," said communications and marketing coordinator Carla Fisher.

The boxes are part of a new program. Starting this week, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank will provide boxes of food, including milk, eggs, and protein, to families affected by the federal government shutdown.

"They are federally mandated to work, so they have to continue to work without getting paid, so that's why we are here to help the families," said Travis Berg.

Around 25,000 federal workers live in the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank's service area. Families who need support are invited to stop by the facility during distribution hours.

"Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4 until 6:30 here at the Williamsport Healthy Hub and the Harrisburg Healthy Hub," Berg said.

Thanks to support from the USDA, the food is free, but federal employees must bring identification.

"Federal ID or CAC card, or a contract ID from the federal government," Berg explained.

Because the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank provides services to people in 27 counties, it can be difficult for some people to make it to Williamsport. The food bank is working with its partner agencies to deliver some of the boxes to facilities closer to the people who are in need.

"As long as the shutdown continues, we will be here to distribute food to those in need," Berg added.


  • Kevin Krayeski

    Federal employees receive high salaries and excellent benefits, there is no excuse for them to be receiving food donated to help low to no income families and individuals. If these government employees have been so irresponsible as not to save enough money to live on from their more than generous federal salaries then they shouldn’t be allowed to take food away from the poor that are truly needy.

  • lickerblisters

    So well paid government employees can’t make it one paycheck without a handout? Sounds like I know a few people who need to take financial and savings classes. At government’s expense of course.

    • Matthew Bower

      Yeah these government workers might actually have to struggle like the rest of us. Cry me a river. The bitch from HUD still wont return our calls and increased our rent to reflect what my wife would be making when she returned to work after surgery. The skimming federal funding continues and I’m sure she is out living it up.

  • My foot Foot

    Central PA is Trump country. He really cares about you. HaHa…… Open your eyes and see the Con Man.. please !

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