UPDATE: Body Found in Rubble of West Hazleton Fire

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WEST HAZLETON, Pa. -- Investigators have found a body in the rubble of a burned apartment house in West Hazleton.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY, JAN. 16 -- The Luzerne County coroner said the victim died from carbon monoxide intoxication. Officials are waiting for dental records to identify the victim.

Investigators found that body about 30 minutes after they started demolishing the building Tuesday morning. They believe the body belongs to a man that has been missing since the fire started.

West Hazleton police stopped to check things out again at a burned apartment house on East Green Street Tuesday morning.

The place burned Saturday night, leaving 11 people homeless.

A former tenant came with family to salvage what she could from her apartment. Then, a crew got to work on demolition, tearing down the unsafe building.

"It takes a lot of skill to do it in time. It's a very slow process. There's no pressure, so there's no damage to other buildings," said Thomas Wanick of Franzosa Trucking.

At approximately 10:30 a.m., state police discovered a body in the rubble.

Police had been searching for Grant Yamulla, 30, who lived in the building.

"I live right around the corner, and it just hurts me to find out that someone passed in this fire," Maria Cardoza said.

The coroner's office will do an autopsy on the body to determine the identity, but investigators believe the body is Yamulla.

Police call the fire suspicious and are trying to determine if it was set intentionally.

They confirm the fire began in Yamulla's apartment.

"We believe it is suspicious, just on the way the burn patterns were in the house, that normal fires don't burn in that way," said West Hazleton Police Chief Brian Buglio.

Parts of the building were sent for testing to help determine the cause of the fire. Results could take a few weeks.

After the structure is torn down, it will take about a week to haul away the debris.

The past few days since this fire happened have been emotional for everyone involved.

"This is a very complicated scene for us. This is not something you come by every day with the fire, the cold weather, with taking down the house, with now a body found in there. It just really compounded the whole situation, and this isn't a normal thing that we deal with," said the chief.

"Just keep everyone in my prayers, for everything will work out for the family members that lost their homes, and for everyone to be in peace," Cardoza added.

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