Students Dismissed After Heating Problems at West Scranton High School

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- A high school in Scranton without a boiler made for a cold start to the week Monday morning and that led to an early dismissal for students.

It was too cool for school Monday morning at West Scranton High School. Students arrived to find there was no heat in the building.

"It was actually pretty chilly, and then it got even colder, depending on what room you were in," said sophomore Raphael Carvalho.

Students and parents tell Newswatch 16 there were issues with the building's heating system since last Wednesday, so they were surprised those issues weren't resolved over the weekend.

"I thought Friday or Thursday was really cold, and I thought we would get out early but we didn't," said sophomore Emilio Estevec.

Scranton Electric Heating and Cooling Services was at the high school all day working, but because of the temperature inside the building, students were dismissed for the day at 11 a.m.

Students found out during first periods that they were getting dismissed early, and that's when an alert went out to parents.

Newswatch 16 was there for the early dismissal, and students said it actually felt warmer outside in the sun than inside the building.

"It kind of was. It was breezy, and then it got warmer."

Some parents were concerned that the students were not allowed to wear their coats inside the building because of the school's dress code.

School officials say they informed teachers to allow jackets due to the heating issue.

School officials tell Newswatch 16 they are still working to fix the issue with the boiler, and the school will be closed again on Tuesday.


  • jimbrony

    They should just raise the school taxes and then hire a relative or family friend to replace the entire heating system every two years. That should fix it. I heard Staples is getting a big order of empty cardboard boxes for the next ‘visit’ of a certain government agency. Scranton…

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