First Scranton City Council Meeting Since FBI Raid Scheduled for Monday Night

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The first Scranton City Council meeting since the FBI raided City Hall and the mayor's home is scheduled for Monday night.

Federal authorities have not said what they're investigating, but Newswatch 16 Investigates has confirmed agents were at City Hall on Wednesday and focused on the office of licensing, inspection, and permits.

They also went to Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright's home Wednesday night.

Courtright, now in his second term, has not returned our calls.

Rumors were flying Sunday that the mayor was about to resign. The mayor told the Times-Tribune newspaper he has no plans to quit, and he has hired an attorney. Other than that, there is no comment on the F.B.I. raids.

When Newswatch 16 spoke to council members on Friday, they said they were also unaware of the reason for the raids.

Monday night's city council meeting is a regularly scheduled meeting at 5:30 p.m. Beginning with a public hearing on a new ethics code.

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