Annual Chili Cook-off Raises Money for Baby Girl with Health Problems

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A baby girl battling health problems got some support from a group in Scranton.

Each year, the Fraternal Order of Eagles donates money from its annual chili cook-off to a cause. This year, organizers are raising money for Mason Rose Sharkazy.

Mason's mom Shannon tells Newswatch 16 her daughter was born several weeks premature back in September, and has been battling several conditions requiring medication and treatment ever since.

"The odds of her having this was one in 1.2 million, so it's kind of like she's the guinea pig for everything, and the support and love we've been shown during this horrendous time has been more than we could have ever anticipated," said Shannon Sharkazy of Scranton

Basket raffles also raised money at Saturday night's chili cook-off in Scranton.

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1 Comment

  • J (@ds18301)

    What a sad time in this country — we have billions and billions for a worthless wall, tax breaks for billionaires who pay nothing in taxes and then buy mansion after mansion and bigger jets, corporate welfare to Exxon et al who pay NO federal taxes and yet we “can’t afford” to make sure that a child can get the medical care they need without holding a bake sale. Tragic. Wake up America. Get informed. Stop voting against your own best interests.