Culinary Students Get Tasty Field Training from Army

PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Culinary arts students at Wilkes-Barre Area Career and Technical Center got some field training Friday when U.S. Army soldiers brought in a special mobile military kitchen.

It was a chance for culinary arts students to see how they could take their skills to the military.

"It's pretty intense, it'll be a great experience for them to see what it's like to work in the field,” said Molly Miller, a culinary arts instructor.

The students got a hands-on look at this Army mobile kitchen and they heard more about their career options, like being a cook in the military.

"It's a possibility. I'm interested," said student Jada Tokar.

“They think about the army and different other people about the army, they think about combat and things of that nature, however, they also have other jobs to take care of people and make sure they're fed,” said Staff Sgt. David Gray.

Army officials said it takes four people to set up one of these mobile kitchens and they usually have 90 minutes to do all of the preparations and be ready to cook.

"It's really interesting! I think it's kind of cool because the Army was like always like a hero to me. My dad is in the Army and seeing this it was like mind-blowing," said student Angelina Rios.

Army officials say they also talk to students about other jobs like working as animal technicians or mechanics.

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