Baseball U PA facility

Baseball U has placed 121 local athletes into college ball over the past eight years.  The new Baseball U PA facility on Davis street in Scranton promises to be a big hit.

"Yeah, it's great for all the ages from age to all the way up to the college players." said Baseball U Director Mike Guy.  "We started this around Thanksgiving and finished around New Years and we tried to put everything in here brand new. They can hit, they can pitch they can field. They are actually bringing in with the NEPA Fit Club with Mike Marcinek to help with speed and agility training with eight years old up to 18 year old on Sunday mornings. Teams can come in, players can get lessons, they can rent cages, form softball to baseball."

"This gives everybody whether your eight years old and you want to get better or your a college athlete like myself and everybody else in here and you need to get your work in whenever you can." said catcher Andy Salzmann from Dunmore."


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