Brewing Company Tapped Out by Federal Government Shutdown

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JENKINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Add breweries to the list of those feeling the effects of the partial government shutdown.

Inside Susquehanna Brewing Company near Pittston, bottles of beer are on the move. The brewery's spring line is a different story; the government shutdown has grounded it.

Susquehanna brewing company wanted to unveil these new beers for the spring but the plans are in jeopardy

It's not the beer itself. The government needs to give the go-ahead for the design of the labels.

"To turn around and have something so out of your control and you could be a month delayed, and our goal is to have it on the market for customers to buy for Memorial Day," said Fred Maier of Susquehanna Brewing Company.

Maier says during the shutdown, beer labels are not being reviewed, delaying the release of new seasonals.

"It takes 14 to 20 days to get it approved and I bet you we had it for 12,13 days so we are at the front of the line and waiting for them to open the window back up," said Maier.

At City Market and Café, more than 100 different craft brews are on display including some from the Susquehanna Brewing Company.

"We do a lot of business with SBC and people have been going crazy for their seasonals lately, so it is not good for business, especially for them," said owner Christian Switzer.

The government shutdown is three weeks old and brewers like the ones at Susquehanna Brewing Company really don't know when they will get to show off their new beers.


  • shadilay8747

    Perhaps the issue is actually all the unnecessary regulation on products? The fact that it’s a label that needs approval, rather than the alcohol itself, really says a lot about how out of control our government is…

    • jimbrony

      But, but, Pierce Corcoran, Romil Singh, Rocky Jones, Sabrina Starr, Steven Marker, Aron Hampton, Justin Lee, Blake Zieto, Mollie Tibbits, Chrishia Odette, and the list goes on. Never heard of them? Well, you’ll never get to meet them because they were all killed by people that shouldn’t have been in this country to begin with. Build the wall. Let those in that want to better themselves and contribute to the greater good of the USA as citizens. The rest need to stay out.

  • My foot Foot

    FDA has stopped checking food safety…. Coast Guard not getting paid…. Airport security not getting paid…child food care hurt etc…. And the shutdown is about our security ???? stupid !!!!!

    • jimbrony

      Nancy says there’s no money for the wall and there are other alternatives. But we never hear what those alternatives are. After the dust settles on this – let’s see what they do and don’t have money for…

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