Bowling Lanes in Nicholson Converted to Entertainment Center

NICHOLSON, Pa. -- After more than half a century filled with the sounds of falling pins, a bowling alley in Wyoming County has been reborn.

Sean Frazier is playing one of the top golf courses in the world, in January, in Nicholson. He's inside the former Belvedere Lanes, now an entertainment center with corn hole set up where the lanes and gutters were for more than 50 years.

"I like what Allen's done so far, to have pool tables, darts, shuffleboard, golf simulator, something for everybody to do," Frazier said.

Allen Loch made the difficult decision to change things here after flooding in August made a mess of things.

"It was a very hard decision," Loch said. "This past summer, we put a lot of money into the place, cribbing under the lanes. The place was like brand new."

After being hit with a third flood in 12 years, the owners of Belvedere Lanes decided to put away the bowling balls, lanes, and pins and go to an entertainment center. If a flood should hit again, a lot of this can easily be moved out of the way.

"Joe forecasts for 4 inches of rain, I can come down, I can pick stuff up move it and get it out of here," Loch said.

After being flooded so many times, Loch knows it's not if, but when, it will happen again.

So, with shuffleboard and a golf simulator, Belvedere Entertainment Center is just getting started.

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