Mom of Pro Basketball Player Gives Back

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — The Transitional Living Centers in downtown Williamsport is home to several women offenders transitioning back into the community.

Inside TLC, you’ll find a small room with green walls and pink fuzzy pillows.

“This room was basically just a storage room. We weren’t really allowed to use it,” said Nicole Miller, executive director.

The executive director of My Vision 9, Chanelle Johnson, donated paint and furniture to remodel the room.

The mother of 9 recently started the non-profit to help support families who may have loved ones behind bars.

“I changed a cycle of learned behaviors in 2005 and my life has changed from that point. It’s not been the same,” said Johnson.

Last year, Johnson’s son Alize Johnson was drafted by the NBA’s Indiana Pacers last year.

“If he was here he would tell you he often calls me and texts me and says ‘Mom, I don’t know what would have happened if you would have not changed in 2005 had you not rearranged some things in your life and did things differently. I don’t know If I’d be playing in the NBA today,” said Johnson.

Johnson says she’s now focused on helping others make those same changes.

This room renovation was part of her first project. A mentoring program called Rewards.

“They came into the room closed and it wasn’t long before they were open and it was like we were sitting in my own living room and that’s what I wanted to accomplish,” said Johnson.

Kathryn Williams used to live at TLC. Thanks to support from people like Johnson, she says she’s been able to create a better life for her and her children.

“I’m a mother and I’m now breaking the cycle with my son who is a junior in high school and he’s an amazing student,” said Kathryn Williams.

“They can transition back into society and they can do this,” said Johnson.

As for the group of women who have already completed the Rewards program, they are set to graduate over at the Genetti Hotel on January 15.

Johnson’s plans now are to bring the program to more organizations and help more people in the community.

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