Back to Business As Usual for Township Leaders After Fire Rips Apart Building

GIBSON TOWNSHIP, Pa.  -- The Gibson Township building looked like a ball of fire as flames destroyed nearly everything inside last Wednesday.

Less than one week later, it’s business as usual. Township supervisors held their first public meeting since the fire at Tompkins Engineering, less than three miles away from the old building.

Bob Salansky came to the meeting and was impressed by the supervisors' resiliency.

“They're doing a wonderful job. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes to try and rebuild that get all the equipment replaced that they have to,” Salansky said.

Since the fire, township supervisors have been temporarily working from a trailer on the property until they can get a new building.

“I've been doing this for 50 some years so I've seen it all,” Gibson Township supervisor Leonard Bartkus said.

Bartkus watched last week as the placed he helped build burned to the ground.

Now, supervisors are waiting for insurance companies to take a look at the property before they can move forward with a new building.

The township lost three snow plow trucks in the fire, but other communities are lending a helping hand.

“Dallas Township down near Wilkes-Barre they brought us up a truck. Forest Lake brought us over a truck,” Bartkus said.

“My taxpayer dollars are being used, yes, that's good,” Salansky said.

The township also has plans to donate $1,000 each to the three area fire companies that helped so much on such a difficult day.

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