Tractor Trailer Crash on Gordon Mountain Road

GORDON, Pa. -- An out-of-control truck barreled down a hill and landed in the woods in Schuylkill County, and it is not the first time residents had to deal with a tractor trailer crashing through their neighborhood.

Back in 2015, three tractor trailers crashed at the same intersection in Gordon. After this latest one, borough officials are hoping to make even more changes to stop these crashes from happening.

After an early morning crash on Saturday, potato salad, pasta salad, and mangled truck parts were sprawled out all over the ground. Crews spent most of the morning removing the truck from the woods.

Jason Slotcavage lives in Gordon and says he's seen this movie too many times.

"I saw sirens and looked down the road, and every time you see cop cars pull in here you know what is here," Slotcavage said.

Butler Township police say the tractor trailer was coming down the hill at a high rate of speed. It hit a bump, and borough officials say it went airborne before crashing into the trees.

"Gear down make sure your brakes are down, no problems. I never had a runaway in 41 years, and we held maximum weight, no problem like this. Like I said, it is neglect," said Ivan Quick of Gordon.

Butler Township police say the driver was coming from Minnesota to a distribution center outside of Gordon.  While following his GPS, he made a wrong turn.

Police say the driver suffered only minor injuries.

"If you come off the interstate, you're at the right place. Everything is at the top of the mountain. Guys get lost, and that's what you have," Quick added.

This isn't the first time a tractor trailer has made a wrong turn and ended up crashing in Gordon. In 2015, Newswatch 16 covered crashes at the same intersection three days in a row.

Gordon borough officials say there are multiple signs at the top of the hill prohibiting tractor trailers from traveling down the hill.

Officials are now hoping to clear the rest of the trees and make a runoff spot for drivers.

"We have taken measures. We work with PennDOT. We have signs that are installed at the top of the mountain. It is just driver error. We have done everything we could do at this point short of putting up a physical barrier up so trucks stop coming down the mountain," said Jason Quick, borough operations manager.

Butler Township officials say the driver was cited and that the exact cause of the crash is still under investigation.

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