Government Shutdown Could Soon Affect Federal Corrections Officers

CANAAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- After three weeks, there is still no deal to reopen the federal government, possibly leaving corrections officers at federal prisons across the country, and here in our area, without paychecks.

Working conditions inside the federal prison near Waymart can be difficult to endure. And for people who work inside, it's been tougher than usual since the government shutdown began because they say there's a chance they will not be paid.

"Going in every day and every day at our jail there's inmate fights, staff assaults. It's a dangerous job to not get paid for," said Jeremy Dominick, corrections officer.

"We don't work in a normal environment. We work somewhere that each and every one of us here today has been assaulted, been insulted, been threatened on a daily basis. And when you're told you have to report to work and not knowing if you're going to get paid the next pay day, it's frustrating," said Michael Moran, corrections officer.

For these officers, the concern is well warranted. Several years ago, they lost one of their own, Eric Williams, in the line of duty in Wayne County.

"Very stressful, it's very stressful for all our staff to worry about if they're gonna get paid. We work in one of the most violent prisons in the country, and every day you walk in there could be your last, and you're not gonna get paid for it," said Joseph Pellicano, corrections officer.

Corrections officers tell Newswatch 16 if this government shutdown lasts through this week, they won't be getting a paycheck. That means household expenses will be hard to manage.

"They don't know how their financial situation's gonna be. It's kind of not in their control," Pellicano said.

"We have child care and food for our kids. That's important, so it's horrible," said Dominick.

These officers say those concerns were not the hardships they were expecting by taking this job.

"I know we all signed up for this, but we expected a paycheck, and we do expect a paycheck, and hopefully this all comes to an end soon," Dominick added.


  • Lisa Marshinski

    they say to have atleast 3-6 mos income saved for emergencies………like this! President Trump is doing the right thing by holding out to democrats who themselves wanted this wall 5 yrs ago… ALL of them, but because our president wants to protect us, they will fight him and put the American people in the dumpster for it.

    • burtfan16

      Who has the ability to have 3-6 mos. savings set aside? What world are you living in lady? Let me guess, a world where your husband makes 6 or 7 figures and your biggest concern is what time your Bridge game is this week.

      • Lisa Marshinski

        well you’re a douche. . not married, no 6-7 figure income, just don’t spend foolishly and put a certain % aside before bills. It’s called responsibility.

      • jimbrony

        Pearls before swine, Lisa. The people I see that complain the most about their income (or lack of) are the ones that dropped out of school, live beyond their means, and are either covered with tattoos, smoke (x) packs a day, have that Harley in the garage or the F-1000 triple-turbo mega-diesel parked in front of the house they shouldn’t have bought. But they can’t go one week without that paycheck. You’re right about Burt too, he’s a douche.

      • burtfan16

        I can see why you’re not married…….first shot out of the barrel and you’re calling me a douche? Not to mention your attracting the likes of Jimbrony. He still lives with his parents.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Stop sandbagging and trying to play working-class hero, Schlomo. We know you’re loaded. Go sow discord someplace else.

      • jimbrony

        Well BURTFAN, both of my parents are long dead and buried, so still living with them isn’t that appealing to me any more. It might be to trolls like you and ALBERTCOHOL, but the rest of us responsible adults prefer to support ourselves and our families, and pay our respects to our lost loved ones at the cemetery instead of putting them in the freezer and hoping the power doesn’t go out. And kudos to Lisa for figuring out that you are a douche ‘first shot out’. I can understand why she’s single if there’s more guys like you out there. Seems like there’s a LOT more beta-males like you out there.

    • gfl ne

      That is not possible for everyone. This is not an “emergency” that is any fault of the people being affected. This is about a man- child throwing a tantrum and not caring about these people. How did we get from “Mexico will pay for the wall” to American citizens not getting paid until taxpayers pay for the wall ?

  • My foot Foot

    The fact that the discussions of spending BILLIONS of dollars is so casual. “ it’s not allot of money”…… A Trillion dollar budget that no one reads…..this is the real threat to America.

    • jimbrony

      According to the Federal Register, it costs around $36K per year to take care of a person in prison. According to the Department of Justice, approximately 25,000 illegal immigrants are incarcerated. That’s $900,000,000 per year to take care of people that shouldn’t be here in the first place. Not taking into account all the suffering they have caused people to wind up in prison to begin with. In less than six years the wall will pay for itself – and untold collateral damage. Of course, the Democrats don’t care about that.

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