‘Tis the Season for Busy Recycling Centers

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- It is a busy time of year at Lackawanna County's Recycling Center in Scranton.

All those holiday gift boxes and packing have to go somewhere, and many are rushing to recycle them.

"I know around here landfills are big, but there's just too much stuff that can be reused and if it's just going into landfills and being buried, it's no good to anybody," said Rick Little of Fleetville.

And Christmas trees? There's a mountain at Lackawanna Recycling Center already, hundreds that have stripped of their ornaments, lights, and tinsel and dropped off for recycling.

The trees will be ground up and made into compost to sell.

"They drop them off back here and then we grind it up with all the other yard waste and it's a nice thing,” said center supervisor Stephen Chorba.

Chorba said over the years more and more people have gotten on board with the trend and started recycling their trees.

"It's good, it's good to see people recycle, just like any other material that they're bringing in here. It's good to see more and more trees every year."

Some municipalities collect trees to bring to the recycling center. Others do not.

People can bring their trees to the center in Scranton free of charge.

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