Thief Steals from Salvation Army in Lock Haven

LOCK HAVEN, Pa. -- The Salvation Army in Clinton county Is out hundreds of dollars after a break-in over the New Year's holiday.

The Salvation Army in Lock Haven serves lunch to dozens of people nearly every day at its building on East Church Street. Meals are paid for through donations.

Over the New Year's holiday, a thief stole hundreds of dollars in donations.

"They did wrong," said Wilbur Banon. "They robbed from God and they should not rob from God at all. That's what I think. I think it's wrong."

Capt. Dan Johnson believes someone broke the latch on a window and climbed in.

"Then what they did is all of these offices are locked so they took a crowbar or something and forced the doors open, so there is damage to all the doors," Johnson said.

About $400 in cash and $300 in gift cards from a safe are now missing, money that was intended to help the community.

"A portion of the money was our Sunday offering plate, unfortunately," said Johnson.

"It would be nice to know the mindset of what the person who broke in. Why they did it and if they would come forward or can we find them," said Kiara Rutledge.

Workers at the Salvation Army tell us the money that was stolen could have been used to help someone pay this month's rent, clothing vouchers, or even gas money.

"It hurts us because we can't help as many people as we would normally help," said Johnson.

"The person who took it just took somebody's opportunity to have help," Rutledge said.

"I want to assure that I am doing everything I can to make sure that this won't happen again, but that does cost money to do so I will need help with that," Johnson added.

Lock Haven police are investigating the break-in.

The Salvation Army plans to add more security and replace several locks on doors at its building.

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