Spring Street Bakery Bringing Sweet Treats to Frackville

FRACKVILLE, Pa. -- Spring Street in Frackville is known to many in that area as "Bakers Row." One building has housed different bakeries in this part of Schuylkill County since 1935,

"When it was the New York Bakery, growing up as a little girl, this place was a fixture in town and I remember every Sunday after church, my mother would bring me here and my sisters here. The line would be out the door," Christina Hale recalled.

After four years of this historic building being empty, it's once again a thriving bakery.

"We just want to bring back some place for people to go," said co-owner Diane Pavalko.

Since Spring Street Bakery opened in early November, business has been steady.

"I feel proud for all of the workers and all. Everybody who worked here, they did a great job and we pulled it together," Pavalko said.

Bread is the specialty at Spring Street Bakery. There are about 12 different kinds. If you have a sweet tooth, there is a variety of treats to choose from. If you're in no rush, there is a lounge area where you can sit down, relax, and enjoy some baked goods.

"Everything here is very good. There's nothing I've had here that isn't good. Service is good, people are great, customers, whole nine yards. it's a good place to come," Frank Mostik said.

"People are coming every day. We come here all the time, so we're really happy about it," Hale said.

Spring Street Bakery is open every day except Tuesday.

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