Lodges Adjust Reservations After Wally Ice Fest Gets Postponed

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LAKE WALLENPAUPACK -- It's still a bit too warm for an annual winter event at Lake Wallenpaupack.

Just like in years past, the annual Wally Ice Fest is postponed.

It was scheduled for January 26 and 27 but has now been pushed to February 9 and 10.

"We do our best to just inform everyone ahead of time that, hey, this might happen, we might get a later date. Based on years past as you mentioned, it happens," said Erin Carpenter, East Shore Lodging.

Workers at the East Shore Lodge in Palmyra Township say they already started adjusting reservations for guests who booked rooms for later this month.

"People who book, they usually expect that there will be the backup date, we call it a rain date or an ice date, so when they do make their booking, we let them know in advance and it's really kind of seamless," saidĀ Carpenter.

In order for events to take place on the water, it needs to be frozen and about 8 to 10 inches thick for safety but that seems to be quite a way off.

Business owners say they prepare for this because Mother Nature hasn't always cooperated in the past.

Pond hockey tournaments, Ice-Tee Golf and more are scheduled events for the festival weekend.

Workers at Settlers Inn in Hawley say it draws quite the crowd.

Moving hotel and restaurant reservations around can be a challenge when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate.

"It's always difficult to reschedule things but with the winter we know things are always changing in flux and sometimes we have warm weather that interferes with us being able to accommodate but we are flexible," said Kathleen Sarro, Settlers Inn.

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