Well-Known Hazleton Attorney and Philanthropist Dies

HAZLETON, Pa. -- Well-known Hazleton attorney and philanthropist Pasco Schiavo has died at the age of 81.

Pasco Schiavo's name can be seen in many parts of the Hazleton community. At a park on Church Street in the city, at his law office near downtown, and even on a building on Penn State Hazleton's campus.

"Pasco was a very dear friend, not only to the university but to me personally," Penn State Hazleton Chancellor Gary Lawler said.

He was known by many in the area for all the work he's done for the community.

Schiavo left his mark on Penn State Hazleton's campus. In 2014, the university named a building after him. There is a plaque in his honor inside.

"He was a person that really grew up in Hazleton and appreciated his roots and his heritage," Lawler said. "When he became successful as a lawyer, he wanted to be here. I mean, he had many other opportunities. He really wanted to be in Hazleton and make Hazleton a better place."

Schiavo sat on many boards for organizations in the Hazleton community, including the Downtown Hazleton Alliance for Progress. It's Executive Director, Krista Schneider, said Schiavo helped found the organization.

"He just loved the community so much and he always saw the best in it and I think he wanted everyone else to see the best in it, too," Schneider said.

Schiavo's family is also well known in the community. This past Spring, Newswatch 16 was there when Schiavo dedicated a park in his grandfather's name.

Community members said that park and the many other ways Schiavo touched the community will forever be a part of his legacy.

"We're going to miss him for sure," Schneider said. "He's a big loss to the community and to our organization."

Pasco Schiavo's memorial service will be held on January 12. Here is a link to his obituary.

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