Two Businesses Close in Carbon County

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Arndt’s Flower Shop and Salzter's Appliance -- two businesses that sit right next to each other on Route 209 in Carbon County -- both closed on New Year’s Eve.

“Saltzer's has always been a good business to go to for ovens, washing machines, and when you don’t have parts you need, they have always been there. They have been a staple store for the community,” said Brenda Neff.

“Family shops are getting probably squeezed out because of property value and the rents go and the upkeep, things like that,” said Richard Zimmerman.

After 58 years of business, "Everything must go" signs filled the windows outside of Arndt’s Flower Shop.

For more than 40 years, Saltzer's Appliance has served the communities here in Carbon County.

Both owners decided to retire at the end of last year.

“Arndt’s Flower Shop has always been a good florist. Saltzer’s Appliance always had some good products in there as well. Nice people to work with so we are going to miss them on a personal level as well as a business level,” said Kathy Henderson.

Saltzer's Appliance has been on Route 209 for decades. It is right next to Ardnt's Flower Shop which has been here for 58 years.

The county chamber of commerce says they hope that new business owners buy these locations very soon.

“Route 209 is a very busy highway. It does have limited access because it has a divider but the two business are located close to an intersection, so you can access them from both sides," said director of economic development Kathy Henderson.

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