Odyssey Fitness Reopens After Fire

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A gym in Wilkes-Barre reopened just in time for some to start their new year's resolutions.

Odyssey Fitness in Wilkes-Barre Township was damaged by fire last week.

Weight loss is always a popular new year's resolution, and the first day of the year is a busy time for gyms.

"Oh yeah, this is a great gym. I have a lot of fun here. Good people," said Jason Kish of Mountain Top.

Employees at the gym didn't know if they'd be open for the start of the year. There was a fire in the gym's women's locker room Friday night. It happened while the gym was open and people were inside.

No one was hurt

"I guess you never expect it anywhere, but when I first heard, I was shocked and very concerned about the people obviously because everyone here is like a family," said Andrea Briggs of Mountain Top.

The gym was closed for three days.

Now, it is back open, and everything is as it should be, except for the women's locker room which is still closed.

People were excited to get back in the gym.

"I was just so excited when I pulled in and saw the cars in the parking lot. It's like coming home," Briggs said.

"People were waiting outside the door a quarter of. People are dedicated, and they love the place here, so they want to get back in the new year," said Justin Eck, Odyssey Fitness manager.

One of the gym's managers says there was a lot of support from the community while the facility was closed.

"People here, they're very helpful throughout the whole process. People were nonstop calling, communicating with us. Our members are very loyal, very interested in what's going on, and definitely trying to get back in here."

There is no set time for when the locker room will reopen, but there is a temporary one for members to use.

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