New Year’s Resolutions in the Gym

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Not many places of business are open on New Year's Day, but at Uno Fitness on Olive Street in Scranton, the phone was ringing off the hook with people wondering if the gym was open and until what time.

"New Year's resolutions bring a lot of people to the gym. It does get busier this time of the year, and it's really nice to see people try to improve their health and happiness," said Barry Kandel, Uno Fitness.

January may be a popular time for people to join a gym, but personal trainers say it's not until February or March when they get really busy.

"Then they start to realize, 'Hey I don't know what I'm doing,' or they're just not getting here consistently, so they do come to get a trainer just for that consistency, accountability, and just to figure out what to do with themselves," said Candice Murphy of Taylor.

"A personal trainer is definitely the way to go. You want to make sure you're doing your workouts correctly and make sure you don't hurt yourself, so that's another reason I have Candice as my personal trainer," said Matt Czyzyk of Scranton.

Another option offered at Uno Fitness is CrossFit Scranton. Athletes and coaches here look forward to a new year of encouraging people to try it out.

"Coming through the door is the first step. A lot of people are fearful of that, but once you come through, the coaches are great. They breakdown every movement, and there's a skill for everyone," said Cassandra Whitlock of Dickson City. "I'm very passionate about CrossFit, so having new people coming in to try it is a really great thing."

Other gyms in Scranton were also open for New Year's Day, including Crunch and Planet Fitness.

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