Citrus Bowl Coverage: The Two Coaches, Franklin and Stoops

During one last press conference, James Franklin explains why he has so much respect for Kentucky Head Coach Mark Stoops.

"I'm a huge Coach Stoops fan. When you get to be around other really good coaches that are in it for the right reasons and when it's time to compete, obviously, you know, we're going to be going as hard as we possibly can for our organizations and our programs, but when it's time to be able to just talk ball and organizational structure and things like that, it's been great," said James Franklin.

And just being around these two, that friendship is evident.

"I was fortunate this summer to be around him. We both have been part of a leadership summit that we have been doing last couple years, and this past year was at Kentucky. I got a chance to spend time around him and the administration and that was good," said Franklin.

"What James failed to mention is we spent some time in the off-season. I lost him for a couple of hours. He was in our staff room checking out some tape. He kind of saw this game coming, I think," said Mark Stoops.

But Franklin got his jabs in too when talking about his senior quarterback.

"I would like to have four more years with Trace McSorley if possible. Coach, I don't know if you know any ways through the NCAA to get that done?" added James.

"I wish I had a few also," added Mark.

"I actually was trying to do the opposite with that. I was following your running back and your outside linebacker on Twitter. I was sending them direct messages about maybe you know. But that didn't work. Yeah. They're playing," added James.

"I heard that uh huh, yeah," added Mark.

On Twitter, Franklin had the chance to get one last laugh.

"I put a tweet out each week that says, "Kentucky. Kentucky. Kentucky. Kentucky. Kentucky," and I do that every week. I don't think, Coach, the Big Blue Nation liked that very much. So if you could, Coach, if you could ask the Big Blue Nation to kind of leave me alone on Twitter because they have been brutal," said James.

"Absolutely not. We need to be hostile and ready to go," said Mark.

"I thought I would try at least," said James.

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