Marching Along with the Penn State Blue Band

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ORLANDO, Fl. -- Penn State fans are familiar with this.

The Blue Band songs and formations that help bring Beaver Stadium to life Saturdays in the fall.

But you probably don't think about this, all that goes into making that music magic on the field.

The Blue Band held a rehearsal in Florida days before the Citrus Bowl.

Among the 300 or so musicians, a lot of them come from counties in our part of Pennsylvania.

This comes after hundreds of hours of practice all season long.

Every game the Blue Band produces a new halftime show that means working with a lot of new songs. As Skycam 16 shows us, working on a lot of new formations.

All this creativity on the field involves a lot of precision.

So, the next time you get pumped up by the Blue Band and its signature songs, think of the story behind it and know that even though these students work hard, they certainly treasure this experience that like everything in college, only lasts a few years.

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