Bringing in the New Year in Luzerne County

PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- All across the country people will be heading out to celebrate the new year.

The Cafe near Wilkes-Barre has a special menu prepared for the big night.

The restaurant has hosted many new years eve celebrations in the past.

"Times have changed. It evolved in a different direction than it used to be," said Jeff Woytowich, The Cafe Owner.

The Cafe's owner says over the last several years, he's noticed more people coming out to his restaurant earlier.

"It used to be later dinner hours years ago, now it seems like people want to get in that six seven and be home for midnight where before everybody used to hang out here," said Woytowich.

We spoke to people dining at the restaurant who say they will be calling it an early night.

"We're going to go out to Kevin's for an early dinner and come home after that and hang out at my sister's house and just kind of celebrate with family. Unlikely that anyone will stay up until midnight," said Peter Butera, New York.

The Cafe's owner believes a lot of people decide to stay in for new year's so they do not drink and drive.

"I know Governor Wolf just changed some of the laws with the DUIs. So, I think a lot of that has changed. I think a lot of people want to stay closer to home," said Woytowich.

Even though the owner expects people to stay in, they do have the option of ordering their meals through Uber eats.

This will be The Cafe's first New Year's Eve using the service.

"This is going to be interesting to see tonight what happens if you're going to get people ordering. We're going to try to direct people to the website, to the limited menu," said Woytowich.

The Cafe will be serving food until 10 p.m. Monday but the bar will be open to ring in the new year.

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